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Thank you for your continuing trust.


For those of you who are new to this website or new to the practice, let me tell you a few things about East Plano Murphy Pet Hospital, its staff, and myself. I’ve been a veterinarian for more than 20 years, and have been a humble servant of pets since I was 17 years old. I received training from the University of the Philippines and also Cornell University (New York). My wife Jessica and I have two kids and a few pets, including the fosters once in a while. We’ve been proud Texas residents for two decades.


Our goal in this hospital ("Your Hospital") is to provide the best possible care for your pets. We do this by:

1) Being honest and upfront.

 2) Giving you all the options and keeping communications open. No pressure.

3) Promoting preventive healthcare. Regular wellness exams help catch potential problems. By doing this, you avoid crisis management that can be financially and emotionally draining.

4) We keep overhead expenses low. We get the best deals on medications and pass on the savings to you.

5) As a doctor, I’m always improving my skills. I stay up to date with cutting edge technology, but also stay with older proven cost effective remedies. Specialist referral is within reach as well as overnight care at an independent ER.


Our loyal staff will use their experience to make sure your pets receive the best care and treated with respect. All of our staff is dedicated to making sure your pets get all the loving care they need during their stay. This group is like family and we make sure your pets feel like they belong no matter how brief their stay may be. Most of the staff were clients, kids who grew up coming here with their pets. Some started volunteering and then got hired.

We have helped thousands of pets over the years and appreciate the owners’ full commitment to make their pets lives better. Help us help you see amazing results: healthier, happier pets.



Hector Carbonell, DVM and Staff


 We take pride in having a higher than usual proportion of Bachelor's and Associate's Degree holders on staff .  That is very special for a veterinary hospital and might be a rare find in some areas.  Our doctors also are very seasoned and have a combined experience of almost 100 years!

Our Doctors

Dana Johnson, DVM

      Dr. Johnson is an Aggie (Texas A&M) with 26 years of experience.  Clients find her very sincere, calm, and devoted to her work and family.  She is a straight-shooter!   She's a very efficient surgeon and can operate on your pet for good results while utilizing the shortest anesthesia time possible.  She comes from a family of dentists (father and brother) in Lubbock, Texas.  Her mom was their hygienist at their mom-and-pop dental practice.  

     Her husband is also a veterinarian and chief-of-staff at a busy practice in Richardson.  They met in vet school.  They have 3 sons, with the oldest now pursing a college degree at Texas Tech.   She is a violin player and enjoys a wide range of musical genre.  At home, she also claims she would rather do plumbing (she actually could !) than cook.  She considers herself lucky to be married to a husband with superior culinary skills matching his medical skills. 

  An advocate of compassionate care, you can expect a very comprehensive approach from her.  She is also very approachable and ready to discuss any concerns ranging from simple parasite control to complex medical conditions.  Her dedication to her clients and their pets is only matched by her dedication to her family.

Hector Carbonell, DVM

      "Dr. C" has 22 years of veterinary experience.  He received post-doctoral training from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. The teaching hospital in this Ivy League school is a leader in pet care, education and cutting-edge technology. A good number of the vaccines and drugs we use today were first developed there.  He uses advanced skills learned there, plus the common-sense learned in East Texas and his native Philippines, to care for your pets.

    Together with wife Jessica and two fast-growing kids, they share their home with 3 pets. The family enjoys music, swimming, and community activities. Life can also revolve around the kitchen. They actively support at least 6 local school PTA's, surrounding animal shelters, and humane rescue groups (Operation Kindness, Recycled Pomeranians, and Second Chance Dalmatian Rescue in particular).  He appreciates his clientele's trust; both established and new.  Most have continuously supported EPAH since Dr. Jimmy Dietz formed this "hospital with a soul" 20 years ago.  Their loyalty and generosity has created a ripple effect being felt far and wide.

   Because of our clients' support, we are able to give back to the community especially to benefit the kids and less fortunate pets. He feels fortunate to have a job that is both fun and carries a lot of rewarding social responsibilities. With the help of clients and local benefactors, The Buster K. Ray Pet Charities (a private advocacy group) makes a difference through small acts of kindness. 

     Not taking anything for granted, Dr. Carbonell feels fortunate to be a part of the community he serves. Being a former "country doctor" results in the staff naturally tending to make you feel at home. You will find that this city-practice has a down-to-earth approach. The hospital prides itself of being able to deal with stubborn skin and eye diseases.  They are also equipped for bone and soft-tissue surgeries (routine and advanced) as well as dental procedures. Many pets have been given a new lease on life with his practical approach to everyday problems.


Becky McNatt, DVM

    Dr. Becky McNatt graduated from Texas A&M in 1999 with a BS in Biomedical science and graduated from Texas A&M vet school in 2004. She has special interests in internal small animal, medicine and emergency medicine. She worked  part time and full time at an ER for about 9 years. Married Dave Mcnatt in 2012, she has 2 kids who are 11 and 12, and 2 stepkids who are 12 and 16. She also has 2 shihtzus named Precious and Cooper. In her free time she enjoys running, beach volleyball, playing guitar and going to Cancun. She attends Lutheran Church Our Savior in Mckinney. She was valedictorian of Dallas Lutheran high school in 1996. She is the oldest of 4 kids and grew up in Richardson, Tx. She currently resides in Mckinney.

Priscilla Muhoho, DVM
Mike McLaughlin, DVM

   We are very honored and fortunate to continue Doc Mike's legacy here at EPM.  He merged his Panther Park Animal Hospital with us in 2015 and continues to serve his clients by request even after 30 years of a stellar career.  He will be available for appointments by special request by summer of 2016. He is currently on medical leave.


Our Staff

Vanessa Balderas- Veterinary Technician

     Vanessa is one of our veterinary technicians, she has over 7 years experience in the field. She has developed many skills over the years and has influenced many clients and their pets with her love and empathy. She is relatable and very caring and understanding with all. With her many accomplishments she strives to encourage her staff as well as working towards improvement everyday she is on duty and off.  Her passion is music, because dancing (ménage, hip-hop, & jazz) has been a big part of her life. She was an active runner and has completed ten 5K races within the past year and her goal is to complete her first half marathon this year. She is also fluent in English and Spanish (reading & writing). 

Laura Fylling - Intern/Assistant Veterinary Technician
    Lala is enrolled at Plano East Senior High School as a senior Vet- Med/ FFA member. She has grown up around large as well as exotic animals all her life and her family currently owns four dogs including three pit bulls and a shih Tzu. She has enjoyed many years of playing soccer and cello as well volunteering at local Dallas sites. She has traveled the United States for various competitions pertaining to her high school extracurricular activities and puts the same effort forth for her career at East Plano Murphy Vet Hospital.
Zenaida Gregorich - Assistant

     Zeni takes care of our clients, boarders, and keep order in the whole hospital. This lady of many talents does everything for us including interior design, record-keeping, house-keeping, cooking the most appetizing and morale-boosting meals for the staff, and ensuring client satisfaction. She is always there to lend a helping hand and will even assist you with your pets or belongings on the way to your car. She is known to go beyond the call of duty and helps not just the staff, but even their families, in every way she can. 





Cynthia Harbison, Receptionist
Robert Hernandez - Veterinary Technician
Joshlynn Mixon, Veterinary Technician

Josh is a Certified Vet Tech for small animals. She also studies Animal Sciences and Veterinary Technology at Cedar Valley College. Josh also cares for her three pets, Lil Man, Catniss, and Storm. She loves reading and plays volley ball for fun.

Linda Muyargas - Personal Assistant and Bookkeeper
Brian Nguyen - Veterinary Technician





Jessica Rasor - Veterinary Technician

      Ray has about six years of experience working with animals. She graduated from Sachse High School and is currently enrolled at Collin College. She has grown up with many different kinds of animals and has loved them since she was a kid. She currently has five dogs, one cat, and two goats.





Marjan Sameri - Veterinary Technician

    With six years of experience as a veterinary technician at our hospital, Marjan has developed a strong work ethic.  She is very detail orientated and compassionate when it comes to patient care. She is highly trained & knowledgeable in the practice of veterinary technology and you can rely on her to provide excellent care for your pet. Marjan studied nursing at Collin College and Texas Tech University and currently holds a bachelors degree and registered nurse license. She is currently pursuing her childhood dream of becoming a doctor of Veterinary Medicine and will be attending University of Texas at Dallas in the spring to finish pre-requisites for vet school.  In her spare time, Marjan enjoys drawing, painting, gaming, traveling, reading, snd Netflix. She has two chihuahua mixes- Weenie & Pippa, one cat - Gabi, one rabbit - Bun-Buns, and one parrot- Frisco. Marjan is fluent in English, Spanish and some Farsi.  

Gilberto Sandoval - Veterinary Technician

     Gil has been a tech for two years and came from one of the busiest practices in Plano.  That and his calm demeanor ensures that he is able to remain collected and in control even during the most trying moments.  That quality is very important in a hospital especially during emergency situations. He grew up here in Plano and is fortunate to have a network of family and friends.  They always get together to enjoy the everyday things that matters most in life.  Soccer is his passion and is matched only by his love of caring for your pets.  He is fluent in English and Spanish.

Alex Vuong, Veterinary Technician

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